Handmade Wooden Cufflinks and Jewelry

Wedding Cufflinks

Choose your border, font style and create a custom design for any special day.  

We offer two quality levels, so choose between Standard and Premium.  The difference is in the metal of the cufflink base.  Standard is made from a lightweight alloy, while our premium option is custom made using premium solid stainless steel.


All of our cufflinks are made to stand out, @ 20mm in diameter.

The BIGWOOD Difference?

  • We only use 100% Natural Hardwoods (No plywood here)
  • Diamond Finish (Quality that lasts a lifetime)
  • Next level engraving (Our detailed engraving will blow your mind)

The detailed engravings will make any suit or dress shirt look dapper and elegant.  FREE  Shipping on all wedding orders over $100.00

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